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Stephan Leuermann, IT Manager, Stadtwerke Steinfurt
"The Stadtwerke Steinfurt GmbH searched for a competent partner for the purchase of used Office licences and found him: preo Software AG. The involvement of the software producer in the transfer process was the crucial criterion for the partner choice."
Frank Rödel, Division Manager of Technology, Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius GmbH & Co. KG
“When purchasing pre-owned licences with preo Software AG, the teamwork
and order processing was uncomplicated, fast and very professional. Highly
Axel Plaßmeier, Manager of System and Network Technology, Nehlsen AG
“During the harmonisation process when updating to Office 2003,
preo AG convinced us with their transparent licence transfer that also involved
the software vendor.”


News and facts about preo and software remarketing:
19.02.13 - OLG Frankfurt decides per resale of volume and school licenses

Recently online media report over a decision by the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt, the impetus for the further opening of" used software market "sets.

10.02.13 - Amazon wants to enter used software market

The Online Mail Order Amazon secured a U.S. patent, which assures the marketplace for used digital objects. IT Business reports: "In addition to e-books, audio and video files will Amazon offer...

02.11.12 - Luxembourg Court rules in favor of the buyer of used software

It is tempting: Not in every case of a company the latest software version is required, for example, because other departments are also working with an earlier version. As used licenses to formally...

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European Court Of Justice allows the resale of software licenses

At the request of the Federal Court of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided in Luxembourg on Tuesday that second-hand software licenses may be resold and generally followed, as expected, the opinion of the Advocate General Yves Bot. This ruling also applies to download software.

A sensation. Thus, this long-awaited judgment has far-reaching consequences for all software vendors. A year-long dispute over the resale of used software licenses is a significant benefit of the end used software industry. The current legal uncertainty is complete. In the current case, the software developer Oracle had sued the company in Munich usedSoft because he saw his rights violated.

With the sale of the software were the rights of the manufacturer of the relevant copy exhausted, the Luxembourg judges declared the verdict. Differentiation between CD-ROM and DVD on the one hand, and a "non-physical copy" from the Internet on the other hand would find not take place. There is a distinction between a purchased disk and a paid download. Otherwise, could the producers' control which have been downloaded from the Internet, and require every resale again a fee, although he had at first sale of that copy was able to achieve a reasonable compensation "programs, then the judgment.

The permanent right of use that is associated with the acquisition of the license agreement is closed, not bound by the original purchaser. He is the sole owner and may sell it on, but then not of course continue to use myself. In the verdict puts it, "If the copyright holder of its clients namely - tangible or intangible - a copy is available, and it includes the same time to a payment of a license agreement through which the customer receives the perpetual right to use this copy, so he sold them copy to the customer and thus exhausted his exclusive right of distribution." more