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Wolfgang Berchem, responsible for the IT infrastructure, Schüco International KG
“preo convinced us with their open communication, transparent processes and
professional support during the evaluation phase and the entire transaction
Stephan Leuermann, IT Manager, Stadtwerke Steinfurt
"The Stadtwerke Steinfurt GmbH searched for a competent partner for the purchase of used Office licences and found him: preo Software AG. The involvement of the software producer in the transfer process was the crucial criterion for the partner choice."
Axel Plaßmeier, Manager of System and Network Technology, Nehlsen AG
“During the harmonisation process when updating to Office 2003,
preo AG convinced us with their transparent licence transfer that also involved
the software vendor.”


News and facts about preo and software remarketing:
19.02.13 - OLG Frankfurt decides per resale of volume and school licenses

Recently online media report over a decision by the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt, the impetus for the further opening of" used software market "sets.

10.02.13 - Amazon wants to enter used software market

The Online Mail Order Amazon secured a U.S. patent, which assures the marketplace for used digital objects. IT Business reports: "In addition to e-books, audio and video files will Amazon offer...

03.02.13 - European Court Of Justice allows the resale of software licenses

At the request of the Federal Court of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided in Luxembourg on Tuesday that second-hand software licenses may be resold and generally followed, as expected, the...

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German Federal Court of Justice Decides that Splitting Volume Licences is Legal

On December 11, 2014, the Federal Court of Justice resolved the last remaining uncertainties regarding the trade with used software. Adobe has been defeated in the law suit concerning the splitting of volume licences.

In 2012, the Higher Regional Court Frankfurt had already made a decision on the basis of the ECJ's decision, liberating the used software trade extensively (file no. 11 U 68/11). In the decision, the Higher Regional Court made clear that licences obtained as part of volume contracts may be legally remarketed. Adobe's revision of the decision has now been fully overruled by the Federal Court of Justice (file no. I ZR 8/13). With that, the Regional Court's initial decision has been affirmed on the federal level, clarifying all legal issues regarding the trade with used software.

Single licences from so-called volume licence agreements may be resold.

For licences which have been purchased within the scope of a volume contract, the ECJ's splitting prohibition does not apply since it solely pertains to Client Server licences. The standard argument of software vendors that volume licences constitute only one licence, since they are attributed with only one licence key, is not valid.

Price-reduced software programs like EDU licences may be traded after they have been used.

Licence agreements for educational institutions, like universities and schools, are to be regarded as price-reduced products. Excluding price-reduced software offers from the used software market could lead to software vendors preventing the used software trade altogether with their pricing policies. The federal judges regarded this type of procedure as unacceptable. more